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I'm Carlos

Thank you for checking me out here - I do appreciate your interest in getting to know me. Hopefully you're here to find info about a Brooklyn based visual artist , wedding and lifestyle photographer? If not, please accept my apologies if you somehow got here by some tragic accident 🤔

Many of my clients will probably tell you that what they valued most about their experience with me, apart from the results we produced, was my relaxed and go with the flow attitude. This is especially true if I've worked with them during a major event such as a wedding. It's actually during weddings that clients and even the guests take the time to share this, so I can claim with some confidence that you and your guests will notice and maybe appreciate it, too.

Keeping it real:

If I scratch the surface a bit, I most likely went down the path of becoming a photographer because I'd decided long ago that I need to study everything I find interesting. Yeah, I know it's wishful thinking, but I really want to soak it all up. It saddens me a little to acknowledge forgetting any of the good people, places, or things that I've seen in the world. So, until we advance technologically to the extent of having implants that record every second of our lives, the digital camera is my best chance of succeeding at that.

My photography - the reason for this site, and the reason I love to shoot for my clients is because I'm honestly fascinated by people and their stories. I enjoy the creative aspect of story telling and I'm motivated to showcase meaningful narratives for my clients. I primarily focus on lifestyle photography, which includes Maternity, Newborns, and of course, Weddings.

My perspective about wanting to remember it all really serves the client who wants to remember his or her wedding day, because I'm keen about being prepared for those moments and things that will resonate with the client long after the event is over. It's a primary focus when I shoot a wedding.

When shooting your family portraits, I want to capture you in a natural way, although, I do give minor direction to make sure I capture you also in a flattering way. When very young children are involved I prefer to let them be themselves, but I will also pose to help you remember them in a more traditional way.

With newborn portraits it's important to me to capture and express the newness of your baby. I treat the little details with careful attention, the tiny toes, little nose, ears and lips are the kinds of things that will be forgotten years from now, and your children will appreciate having these things recorded once they've grown up.

My best clients recognize that photographers aren't hired simply for their ability to press a button on a camera. They're hired because they're also individuals who can be trusted to provide a custom tailored service that meets both a clients' needs of documentation, as well as provide a great experience that they'll be well prepared for by a professional. Creating beautiful portraits, when taken seriously by both parties, can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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I started learning to play the violin about 2 years ago, and the Ukelele last year. I think I want to start a band in about ...10 years - will you stick around?

The hat is kinda part of the brand. 😁

I'm a serious Night Owl.  I just have strong tendencies towards being awake when almost everyone around me is asleep, it's so quiet 👍🏿.

I'm a graduate of SUNY Stony Brook University, where I majored in Biology and minored in Cultural Anthropology.

As I mentioned in my front page blurb "About me", I'm passionate about photography and all that it contributes to my life, but that's not all I have my fingers on. I've always been passionate about discovery and the pursuit of new knowledge, which is why I'm super lucky to have a position involved with creating new knowledge in scientific research. When I'm not improving upon my photography or helping clients, I'm working in some way, shape, or form on the proverbial and elusive cure for cancer. I'm a member of a research group whose mission is investigating disease mechanisms of Head & Neck Cancers with the explicit goal of bringing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools to treating the 7th most prevalent type of cancer worldwide. The days can sometimes be long, but it's important to share that scientific discovery is the other thing that drives me, and it's just as fulfilling to help my photography clients, as it is to contribute to the work of improving the conditions of human disease.

Please Get in touch with me below - I'm looking forward to a chat about what you need.   Ppa member

Member of Professional Photographers of America


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