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If you own any strobes or monolights, one of the annoying little things that you’ve probably been able to deal with, util now, has been the fact that you have to dongle the flash receiver from the strobe by the phono plug. At least, if you use Alien Bee (AB) strobes, that’s what you have to do when you decide to use a wireless flash system without line-of-sight to trigger the strobe.

I tried to do more than just get by or cope with this when I used a velcro sticky kit to stick the receiver to my AB’s, but still dropping one too many Yongnuo receivers once in a while – watching the batteries dash away as they hit the ground – was beginning to irk me, even more than the awareness of the scattered impression it left with my clients.

I needed a more fixed solution than velcro pads. I was inspired by something I saw on the strobist blog.  And although his reasoning and motivation for using a coldshoe on an Alien Bee was to achieve better radio performance from his Pocket Wizard triggers, I knew the Cold Shoe solution was something pretty close to ideal a a solution for my problem.

I went to amazon to find cold shoes and found these HDE® Adjustable Bracket Shoe Mount. I picked up two of em , one for each of the AB’s I own.  It only took a hot glue gun and a few minutes of my time to mount the solution to my problem.


Cold shoe Mount to Alien Bee Strobe

Here’s the tiny adjustable cold shoe mount. I just found a position on the AB that seemed to work for my receivers and glued it to the body of the strobe.
Cold shoe Mount to Alien Bee Strobe










Here’s a closer look of the whole unit.


Cold shoe Mount to Alien Bee Strobe

With this DIY fix I have found some peace of mind. It can be improved, perhaps with use of crazy glue to make it ultra fixed, but hot glue gives me the chance to change my mind or adjust the position without permanently scarring the body of the Alien Bee.

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