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Many have lost property and loved ones after hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeastern coast of the US. I'm thankful to have suffered no immediate losses, but I'm far from immediately unaffected by the chaos Sandy whipped up.
If you own any strobes or monolights, one of the annoying little things that you've probably been able to deal with, util now, has been the fact that you have to dongle the flash receiver from the strobe by the phono plug.
This summer has been filled with so many beatiful weekends. One weekend in June I drove up to the Berkshires for a Bar Mitzvah celebration.
On the most beautiful Spring day yet, I was lucky to find myself responsible for recording some wedding day memories for not only the couple- but also for all of their friends and family at Penthouse 8-08 in Long Island City, Queens.
I don't often get to work with the kids, but when I do I'd like very much that they're as cooperative and easy to photograph as Preston was here. As I foray into newborn photography I can see myself easily becoming swept away with the impulse to purchase more and more newborn props.
This is my 3rd Mermaid parade, and like everything I do more than once, I try to have a different experience of it the next time around. Over the last year I've grown so much with photography, but none of it will have matter too much when it comes to photographing a parade in the afternoon sun. is an online (of course with pick-up locations as well) camera gear/equipment rental service based here in the US. I love them because they carry a range of products (lenses, cameras, lights, audio equip, etc.) for you to rent at a super low price.
On this walk I decided to sport my Infrared converted Canon D60 as well as my Canon 60D alongside my macro photography adapters. I can't wait til more leaves bloom so that the Infrared Photography will be really spectacular.
Inspired by the medical library of her father and the influence of her mother's Ikebana growing up, Ayaka creates a style of jewelry that's a fascinating distillation and abstraction of nature.
Been a while since I had some leisure time to go see a show, so I spent the evening checking out the monthly "1st Thursday of the Month" Burlesque show hosted by New York Pinup Club.

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