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What's involved in a Cake Smash Session?

Your little one is far from a newborn now and turning ONE is a pretty big milestone. You'll probably appreciate the opportunity to stop referring to them as XX Months old and just say they're 1 - but some of you will continue to do it, and that's cool too. Before you know it, they will be walking and talking little people. For one year old birthdays we offer a shoot referred to as a Cake Smash session. We'll keep a normal 30 minute session capturing those details like their first teeth and chubby legs and arms. However, the last portion of the session will be spent presenting the cake to your 1-year old. We'll capture the “what's this stuff on my finger” and the “SUGAR!” faces followed by the full hand squeeze. The idea is to pretty much introduce your kid to cake/sugar in front of us and see what interesting faces we can capture.  

Bring your own cake {B.Y.O.C.}

We recommend vanilla with a whip cream vs. a heavy cream topping. Some kids don't like the taste of traditional frosting, there's sometimes a bitterness to it that they can detect. Vanilla is probably the simplest taste-wise, for a kid new to eating solids, and it doesn’t overwhelm with extra color. Chocolate cake can look like, well..a mess that isn't cake. There's exceptions,  and like the icing, it could be subjective- but often it's not a photogenic look on a baby's face and hands. Ideally, you should prep your child by giving them some cake before the session. If you walk into a cake smash with a baby who has never eaten cake before, you could have all sorts of issues. The baby could not like the cake, not want to eat it because it's new, get sick, or worse yet, choke on it. We might sometimes lean in to give the baby a piece while I'm shooting to get them to like it, and the very last thing I wanna hear as I feed them is “Be careful, that’s their first bite of real food!” So this is why we suggest having them taste a bit of something cake like before they come to shoot with us. Size of cake A round 6-12 inch cake is best. Smaller is better, but some folks like the grandiosity of a larger cake, and that’s okay as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the baby, size wize. You can bring a short sleeved white onesie, tutu,or a diaper cover for photographs.

Guidelines and tips

These guidelines will help so that the smash turns out perfectly!
  • Schedule the smash around the baby’s schedule. This way you don’t hit them right at nap time or some weird time of the day where they are cranky and don’t want to be in front of the camera. Depending on how you work this may be a little hard, but it is better than having a set of nothing but crying portraits!
  • A smash cake can freeze for up to two weeks and stay fresh – so keep this in mind in case you need to reschedule. Just set it out 24 hours before the session to thaw.
  • The less you bring to change the baby into the better, we don't want the child getting tired or upset at being changed all the time. Parents should bring 1-2 regular outfits, and one smash outfit, at most.
  • There's a clause in our agreement about what happens if the child doesn’t cooperate. If I get halfway through portraits and it’s obvious the little one doesn’t want to be doing this, I'll want to reschedule for as soon as possible, so we don’t waste a cake on an unhappy child.
  • Less is more with the smash. Tutus or diaper covers for little girls, and no tops. For boys, a diaper cover and tie or hat for the boys are minimal kinds of setups. Understand that this outfit can get stained, so it’s best not to spend too much money or use something sentimental.
  • Please communicate any theme you might want to do, so that I get an idea of how to decorate. Some parents might let me roll with the theme, though it's always a good idea to send me a photo of the smash outfit so I know it goes with the setup.

Portraits before the Smash

      If your child isn't quite able to walk or stand on her own I have props designed to assist. They're sturdy and safe enough for her to lean on and I won't have to worry about her breaking it, falling or having any issues.      

The Cake Smash



Cake Smash Session with DIGITALS
Digital packages include 10 edited full resolution images from your gallery with limited copyright release. Print up to any size you want for personal use.
Cake Smash with PRINTS
Prints include 8x10, 5x7, 4x6, or wallets in sets of 8. Enlargements are additional. Select up to 10 different images from your gallery (up to 8x10" size) OR 10 physical print quantity (e.g. can print the same image in a mix of sizes, up to 10 prints. Or 10 prints total, having a different image in each print.


12x12" Framed Collage
Select from WHITE / BLACK / ESPRESSO Frames
20x20" Framed Collage
Select from WHITE / BLACK / ESPRESSO Frames
Digital collage
I create the collage using your selection of images and offer a direct digital download of the full resolution digital file.
Extra DIGITAL copies
$25 ea
Purchase from your gallery and download immediately.

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